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The third bedroom was also stripped back with ceiling and walls replastered. All the coving was removed and the walls made good and replastered. No, this isn't a contemporary art installation! Old immersion tank cupboard before it was taken out. In one corner was an old brick cupboard which had at one time housed the immersion tank. It dominated the space and made the room feel much smaller than it in fact actually is. Tucked away inside this...

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Second Bedroom transformation. First the room had to be stripped back, wallpaper removed and everything prepped. All the nasty coving was taken down and the ceiling was skimmed to get rid of the lovely (that is ironic by the way!) swirly Artex. With the massive fitted wardrobes ripped out this really opened up the room and gave lots more space. The whole room was replastered and new electrics and sockets fitted. The chimney from the main lounge...

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At the end of the garden, beneath the undergrowth, was an old, rotting summer house. The roof leaked and the previous owners basically used it to dump old garden furniture. It didn’t have proper windows and was sub-divided by an internal wall. However the footprint was a good size and the overall structure was pretty solid. 1. The old summer house ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 6 The first job was to fix the roof and make sure the...

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When we bought the property it had an old conservatory locked onto the back. Now, anyone that knows me will know that I hate conservatories! What sort of mindset thinks “you know what, the one thing I’ve always desired more than anything else in the whole wide world is to be able to sit on bamboo funiture in a glass box bolted to the back of my house in full view of all the neighbours”??? They are too cold in the winter, too...

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Making the front to a house as appealing as possible will really help with the perception before anyone even steps through the door. Originally there was a heavy brick wall across the front, which was making it feel a bit like a fortress! This made the stairs a lot darker, especially at night, and also meant it was more difficult to navigate furniture up and down. So… Invalid Displayed Gallery There are still things we will be doing with...

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